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Lo this long year-and-a-half ago, this city lost its greatest soccer bar—a necessary component of the social-drinking ecosystem of any metropolis. But Nevada Smiths is back, just a block from where it started, and significantly larger than before. And what once was a bona fide dive is now a magnificent black-and-red palace of flowing beer and Irish charm.

Behold: its figures.

Floors you can roam in this incarnation: 4
Number of floors that have their own bar: 3
Grand entrances you’ll make through the inclined, soccer-jersey-lined tunnel that makes you feel like you’re walking onto the pitch in a massive stadium:
Tile signs at said entrance hailing this place as “Where Football Is Religion”: 1
Times you’ll think to yourself, “It’s ‘soccer’”: probably a few
Odds the proper hooligan crowd can keep out overflow from some of the... less awesome bars nearby: hopefully high
Televisions dedicated to sports: 40
Size of two of those screens: 18 by 10 feet
Time you’ll be watching Euro matches over Irish breakfast and Guinness on weekends: 7:30am
Beer varieties on tap, including Goose Island, Spaten and Boddingtons: 30
Retractable first-floor stages: 1
Chances it’ll be used for karaoke: >99.9%
Days until the next World Cup kicks off: 421
Guys you might have to punch during matches between now and then to earn respect: 57


Nevada Smiths
100 3rd Ave
(between 12th and 13th)
New York, NY, 10003


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