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Hen House

A Rustic Italian Spot with a Thing for Grilling

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It’s almost that time. Time to get a giant stack of wood, build a searing fire and start roasting all manner of flora and fauna over it.

Or you could just let these people do it for you.

Say hello to The Red Hen, a homey new Italian date spot with a healthy respect for wood and fire, opening in just a couple hours in Bloomingdale.

Walk inside. Inhale deeply. Yup, that’s smoldering oak and hickory—the very same wood that’s stacked above the open kitchen until it makes its way into the wood hearth.

More on that later. For now, head one of two ways—to the leather-topped bar in the middle of the room, or to one of the tables along the window. Sit down. Say: “You know, these tables are Nicaraguan hardwood recovered after Hurricane Felix.” Be correct.

Next, order a beverage. It’s hard to go wrong, what with the Italian craft beers, wine-based cocktails and a 100-strong, mostly-old-world wine list (the owner used to oversee the vino at Proof).

Then get to sharing housemade pastas like rigatoni with fennel-sausage ragù and gnocchi with hazelnut pesto.

Oh, yes, that grill. It’ll be turning out stuff like lamb-leg sandwiches, beef tongue and grilled hen.

You probably saw that coming.

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