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Camping in an Inflatable Tent

None Consider the common tent.

There’s a bit of rope. There’s some stakes. And there’s a bunch of poles.

Yeah, that’s a tent all right.

Well, at least it was a tent before Germany got its hands on it.

Clear a nice flat space for The Wedge, a German-engineered inflatable shelter you’ll enlist when you’re camping and can’t be bothered to actually build anything, available online now.

This is like the opposite of a typical tent. Because, to put it simply, there are no poles. Or, to put it slightly more complicatedly, all of the outer framing has been replaced with rapid-filling air tubes.

Uninflated, this thing weighs seven pounds and fits in a small duffel bag. So that’s nice/easy to transport when camping in Big Bend. Or Main Street Garden. Or Dirk’s backyard.

When you’re ready to use it, just roll out the tent, hook up a pump to the air valve and start, well, pumping. The hollow-tube frame will inflate in about a minute, and what you’ll be left with is a waterproof sanctuary with enough room for two people.

Or one and a half mountain lions.

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