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Fried Chicken and Cracker Jack Milkshakes in SoFi

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April 15. Pretty big deadline today.

Hopefully, you submitted everything in a timely manner.

And by everything, we mean online reservations.

Also, your taxes.

But mostly, reservations.

That’s because Tongue & Cheek, a funky fried-bird-and-bourbon spot from Tudor House’s Jamie DeRosa, opens tonight in SoFi.

Behold: where you’ll be eating the latest/craziest from Chef DeRosa. A colorful enclave with stone walls, local art, a cluster of Edison bulbs in mason jars (you knew there’d be Edison bulbs in mason jars), a bunch of speakers playing the Stones and, perhaps most importantly, Cracker Jack milkshakes.

So... dinner here tonight, we presume. You. A date. A brown leather banquette by the bar. A couple of Bourbon for Apples (bourbon, green apple, fresh thyme). If you’re quick, the beef-cheek burger with pimento-infused cheddar (Jamie is only making a limited amount each night). If you’re not as quick, the Tabasco hollandaise fried chicken. Otherwise known as the greatest plan B ever.

And when it’s time to put a bow on the meal, you’ll of course need to try that Cracker Jack milkshake. It’s made with, well, Cracker Jack, for starters. But also, blended-up Baby Ruth bars.

Because why the hell not.


Tongue & Cheek
431 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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