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The World’s Tiniest Cell Phone Charger

None What we’re about to tell you is huge.

Just kidding, it’s actually really small...

Take a long, hard, squinty look at the Fuel Micro Charger, the world’s smallest phone charger, which’ll help ensure you never miss an important call (or status update about someone’s baby or dog) again, available for preorder now on Kickstarter.

Picture a shiny red gas canister about the size of a matchbox. That’s this. And it’s that small. But it’s also got a 220-milliamp-hour battery in there (which is science for “it’s more powerful than it looks”). If you’re making calls, you’ll get about 30 extra minutes. If your phone’s on standby, you’ll get a few hours out of it. That simple, really.

Maybe this thing will come in handy at a baseball game that’s in extra innings. Or on your next road trip. Or when you just feel like sticking a tiny gas can in your phone and looking at people like they’re the ones who are weird.

Preorder one now. Then, when it arrives in July, keep it on your person. When you need it, just open the little fuel cap on top and plug it into your phone. Good to go.

Right now, it works with practically all phones... except the iPhone. No worries, though. The iPhone version will be out in October.

At least you know, though... at least you know.

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