Status Update

The Data in Your Life. Beautified.

None On any given day, you find yourself awash in data.

Facebook status updates. Steve Martin’s Twitter feed. Email threads that started weeks ago. Martini lunch dates. The occasional sales projection.

You need one place to monitor it all. And it best be beautiful. iPad beautiful.

Boom: Status Board, an iPad app for creating a glance-friendly graphical layout of whatever information you need to be on top of, available now.

Think of this as the iPad equivalent of what Jarvis creates for Tony Stark. Only instead of an exploded visual of a vintage roadster engine (or, you know, a superhero suit), the data is entirely concerned with you... and whatever you designate as something worth keeping organized.

First step: download this. Second step: customize its six panels for size and content. Could have it monitor the local weather, total emails from individual contacts across your various email accounts or just tweets from Clooney.

If you want to get a little more involved, you could even use their pro panels to set up real-time bar graphs and line graphs to visually represent which underling of yours is on track to hit their sales targets.

A task perfectly suited for your IT guy.

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