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Date-Approved Greek Food on Washington Avenue

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Let’s play a game.

It’s called Moussaka, Ouzo and Cougars. (Okay, we’re still workshopping the name.)

The goal: collect gratuitous quantities of each.

The easiest way to win: dinner at Poseidon, a new Hellenic retreat where you’ll indulge in all sorts of Greek delicacies (to be clear, we’re mostly talking about roast lamb), now open in the former Vinyl & Kai space in South Beach.

Since the Vinyl & Kai days, this place has gotten quite the makeover. The bright-red walls have been painted a cerulean blue. The black banquettes and tables are now soothing shades of cream. And the pulsating strobe lights have been replaced by the soft glow of candlelit steel lanterns. Too bad. Not really.

Now, you’ve got a good old-fashioned date spot on your hands. First date, second date, third date, doesn’t make a lick of difference. Just bring one. Then really impress them with a two-top on the front patio. And slightly impress them by pointing out that the kalamata olives and feta you’re sharing were flown in directly from Greece.

Of course, if you decide to come here solo (or perhaps after watching the Marlins), well, the bar scene is pretty good, too. Macedonian wine. Ouzo. Prowling cougars.

That tends to be a fairly combustible combination.


1131 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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