Sol Mate

It’s a Sundial. For Your Phone.

None The year: 1500 BC.

The place: Egypt.

Chariots were the preferred mode of transportation. Pyramids were having a moment. And time was told via giant sundials. 

Well, we’ve come a long way since then.

Now, sundials fit right in your pocket.

Behold Sol: Sun Clock, a handy little app for calculating all things sunlight—when it rises, when it sets, when it’s ideally positioned for drinks on the patio—available now for iPhone.

Okay, you’ve already got a pretty useful means of telling where the sun is. Right: your eyes. But this thing homes in on your location via GPS, so it can also track the sun throughout the day. Which should prove helpful whenever you’re planning something around sunrise. Or sunset. Or nautical dawn. (Breakfast tacos taste best at nautical dawn.)

For starters, you’ll want to download this. Because it’s an app. Then, scroll through the sun-related data to chart the perfect moment for a sunset photo op. And to calculate the best time of day to work on your base tan.

Oh, and so you don’t have to constantly stare at the screen or the sun (we hear that’s not great for you), this thing’s got an alarm. Which means you’ll never miss another solar noon again.

Solar noons are awesome.

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