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Putt Better. With This Little Gadget.

None The men in jackets are coming.

No, not the white jackets. The green ones. The Masters starts Thursday.

Speaking of high-level golf: we’ve got something that could help you turn pro. Or at least, not finish fourth in your next foursome at the International.

Meet the 3BaysGSA Putt, a tiny device that uses motion-capture technology to help you sink those pesky six-footers, available now for iPhone and iPad.

Say you’re on the front nine. Playing with a few pals. Got a little money riding on it. And the long winter has left you rusty. Before your next putt, you’ll pull out this little guy (it’s smaller than a golf ball). Covertly insert it into the small hole at the base of your putter’s grip. Get in position, wait for a second, then putt.

Instantly, your swing data is sent directly from the device to the app you’ve downloaded onto your phone or tablet. From there, the app analyzes your stroke tempo, length, impact speed and angle of attack. Based on what it detects, it’ll give you animated playback and make suggestions for improving your putting.

If anyone asks why you’re on your iPad during a money game, cite a Twitter emergency.

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