An Ocean Drive Date Spot... from the Czechs

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The Czechs have made a profound impact on your life.

For example, there was the time when...


Well. This is awkward.

No matter, that’s all about to change tonight.

Behold Barock—it’s one of those really cozy places you take dates to, and it comes from Prague—now open on Ocean Drive.

So apparently, the people behind this spot are sort of a big deal in Europe. Also, apparently, the people behind this spot got the memo that billowing white curtains, jacquard-lined banquettes and chandeliers made from shells are sort of a big deal in South Beach. Because this place has them all.

Plain and simple, you’ll want to go here with someone you’re interested in as more than a friend. After all, in Czech, “barock” means “sexy and subtle restaurant that serves things like aloha lemonade (that’s ginger-infused vodka and lemongrass-ginger syrup) and sea bass baked in banana leaves.” Actually... it probably means something way shorter, but still, all that stuff stands.

And hey, if the weather’s playing nice, you should take advantage of the outdoor patio here. It’s got everything you’d want in an outdoor patio. Teak tables. Pitchers of wine punch. The outdoors. A patio.

You’re easy to please.

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