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Donuts in the AM, Donuts Late-Night

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You know what they say: one person does something, it’s an innovation. Two people do it, it’s a trend. Three people do it, you’re showing up at 2am to wash down a cruller with a pint of stout.

Well, now they say that, thanks to the latest chicken-and-donuts shop to hit these streets.

It’s called GBD, it stands for “golden brown delicious,” it’s from the ChurchKey folks, and it opens for breakfast and lunch on Friday. And, oh yeah, it’s got a full bar, which opens next Wednesday.

This is a handsome place, done up all vintage-y like, as if you’re in a turn-of-the-century donut warehouse.

Of course, you can wander in at 8:30am for coffee and a cake donut like Campari-grapefruit, or a puffy brioche number like bourbon-butterscotch-bacon, then take a seat near the mural of a Monte Carlo muscle car. Come back at noon for a grab-and-go chicken box.

But fast-forward 12 hours, and things get more interesting. So round up a few friends and hit the communal table in back. Yeah, the one with lights made from fryer baskets and sepia photos with superimposed chicken heads.

Then get to work on fried-chicken bao buns, smoked chicken skins and punches in 40-ounce antique jars. Or stick to the 19 taps—helpfully divided into chicken beers and donut beers.

Yes, dunking is encouraged.


1323 Connecticut Ave NW
(at N St)
Washington, DC, 20036


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