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Steaks and Whiskey... at the Movies

None Dinner and a movie.

You know the drill.

Eat something here. See something there. Casually/calculatingly touch hands while reaching for the popcorn.

And... that about covers it.

Or so you thought.

Silence your phone for Look Cinemas, a slick new multiplex that’s combining both the dinner and the movie portions of your evening into a single date-appropriate venue, soft-opening tonight on Belt Line.

Below, a glimpse into what you should expect. Consider these the coming attractions.

The Theater
What you’ve got is a bunch of floor-to-ceiling screens, hair-rustling speakers and some really comfy leather chairs. Choose one of the dine-in theaters (they’ve got three), and those chairs are configured into pairs and equipped with tables. Like a gift from the date-spot gods.

The Concessions
Think less Junior Mints and more bone-in filets with lobster mac. See, Nick & Sam’s Grill (opening April 5) is handling the refreshments. Not just for the attached restaurant, but also inside the theater. Simply hit the call button on your chair, and a server will hustle over a steak. Chew quietly.

The Bar Upstairs
Yes, there’s a full bar upstairs. And yes, you can take your drink with you into any of the three theaters on that floor.

Bottle of champagne, two straws.


Look Cinemas
5409 Belt Line Rd
Dallas, TX, 75254

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