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A Saint-Tropez Gem Gets a Face-Lift

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Imagine it’s 1963. You’re in Saint-Tropez.

Look to your left: there’s Brigitte Bardot, looking radiant.

Look to your right: there’s a mime. So... moving on.

Look up: there’s... nothing.

Not even a swimming pool suspended above your head.

Well, just wait 50 years.

Because only now do you see the fully realized glory of Hôtel de Paris, an upgraded version of the old headquarters of the Saint-Tropezian elite, now open.

Here’s the story: back in the ’60s (and every other fashionable decade), this three-story, 52-room hotel was a haven for sun-worshipping celebrities and the other good-looking people who loved them... until it closed in the ’90s. But now it’s back to its old ways: Brigitte’s here (in photographs, anyway), the Mediterranean colors on the walls have been restored, and you’ll still feel like Serge Gainsbourg on holiday as you walk in.

Mosey into the lobby. There’s that new pool, suspended above, doubling as a skylight. Maybe check it out. You’ll find caviar and sushi and some sunbathing friends-to-be up there. Or don’t. Maybe check out the restaurant. The guy supplying nourishment has three Michelin stars. Makes a great duck à l’orange. (And probably better cheese fries.)

Oh, and unlike most other hotels here, it’ll even be open during winter months. Which is great if you want to avoid tourists.

Or the sun.


Hôtel de Paris
1 Traverse de la Gendarmerie
83990 Saint-Tropez France
+33 (0) 4 83 09 6000
official website


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