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My Ceviche Comes to Brickell

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You know how people sometimes say there’s plenty of fish in the sea...

Well, they’re going to have to stop, starting Friday.

Or at least they’re going to have to replace “the sea” with “Brickell.”

Cast your line at My Ceviche, the long-awaited mainland outpost of Sam Gorenstein’s ceviche and seafood-burrito cantina, opening this Friday in Brickell.

First, a word on what they don’t have here: meat. Now, some words on what they do have here: the freshest seafood this side of the causeway. Things like cobia and yellow jack and triggerfish and whatever else the day boats may have caught in the last 24 hours.

Come here for week-ending lunches. The kind where you celebrate completing another Monday through Friday with an octopus burrito and a frosty michelada. Just walk into this turquoise-and-lime-colored shack and place an order up at the counter. Find a seat at the butcher-block communal table or, better yet, on the outdoor patio. You just knew there’d be an outdoor patio.

And hey, come April, these guys will start doing delivery orders on everything from ceviche to stone crabs. Just call them up and have them bring it directly over. By boat.

Just kidding.


My Ceviche
1250 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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