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The City’s First Private Brunch Club

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None 3 Photos Yard 54

The “br” part refers to breakfast. The “unch” part refers to lunch.

And... we just realized you probably already knew that.

Guess we should tell you something you don’t know about brunch now.

Come, learn the ways of Yard 54, a new brunch “supper” club helmed by a Muss & Turner’s cook and Burger Coalition founder where reservations max out at eight and mimosas max out at... never, enlisting new members now for the inaugural fete on April 20 and select Saturdays thereafter.

You’ve been to supper clubs. Made your mark on supper clubs. And this thing here... well, same idea. Only it’s brunch. And at a private Reynoldstown home (it belongs to the aforementioned Muss & Turner’s guy). And you can quote The Breakfast Club without having to worry about anyone judging you.

You’ll want to register now. Like... now. And respond immediately when the email invite arrives. If all goes well, you’ll soon be ogling breakfast-y things at a big communal table in a random dining room. The menu varies, but suffice it to say, your hosts are well versed in matters of brunchery. One course could be beef carpaccio. The next, sweet-tea-braised pork cheeks. Who knows. Just come hungry.

And keeping in line with brunch ethics, there’ll be themed libations. Perhaps a Brewmosa. That’s beer, orange liqueur, bitters and OJ.

Give it up for ethics.

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