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A Butcher Shop with Booze-Infused Sausages

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Today, we’re killing two birds with one stone.

Relax. The birds are metaphorical.

And the stone, well, it’s a pork sausage.

Grab some tongs and greet Proper Sausages, a new butcher shop ready to supply your grill with choice slabs of ribeye, Wagyu and, yes, a few links of liquor-infused sausage, now open in Miami Shores.

You might’ve already run into these guys at a few of the farmers’ markets around town. They’re the ones with those ridiculous habanero-stuffed hot links. Well, now they’re also the ones who’ve gone ahead and opened up a gleaming white-tiled shop where they can permanently hock their wares. Like bone-in chops. Or spiked sausages.

Come here before a barbecue by the pool. Or any occasion that might call for cognac-enhanced meats (Sundays, for example). Inside: you’ll find what looks like a typical butcher shop. With one exception. They keep a sizable glass case filled with a rotating selection of those special sausages. One day it might be Berkshire pork marinated in Cigar City’s Maduro Brown Ale. The next it might be whiskey-soaked venison links. The next... well, you should probably just keep checking in.

And also, rolling out later this week: prepared lunches. You’ll be able to grab a bottle of wine or a local beer from the cooler by the door and take your grilled-to-order meal someplace alfresco.

There’s probably a beach around here somewhere.


Proper Sausages
9722 NE 2nd Ave
Miami Shores, FL, 33138


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