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Rye Cocktails and Steaks on the C&O Canal

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Today, we’ll get right to the point, because hey, it’s Friday and you’ve got rye to drink and steak to eat.

Oh, by the way, there’s a new spot in Georgetown where you can drink rye and eat steak.

Give a warm welcome to The Rye Bar, a stunner of a whiskey bar opening tonight in the new Capella hotel.

This is the kind of place where deals can be closed, including a celebratory cigar on the patio overlooking the C&O Canal. But it’s also where you might go if you’re having an affair with a Diane Lane look-alike who has a penchant for garters and stockings. So, either-or.

You’ll walk into the lobby and enter a world of walnut, marble and honey onyx. Hang a right. Take a seat in a leather chair.

Soon you’ll be confronted with tough choices. But there’s no wrong answer when you’re picking from barrel-aged Manhattans or small-batch rye. For the latter, they’ll give you ice options: stainless-steel cubes, spheres of ice pressed on the spot or crushed ice courtesy of a canvas bag and a Brazilian mallet (the Louisville Slugger of bar tools).

Should you get hungry: order up pumpkin gratinated bone marrow—or head next door to the Grill Room, where you’ll find steak tartare prepped tableside.

And hopefully a vacancy upstairs.

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