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None Breaking news:

We don’t have any breaking news. But this is about breaking news.

And how it could be delivered by Winston, a new app that reads aloud custom-tailored briefings on the news and your social network happenings, available now for iPhone (and Android soon).

Think of this as a very, very personal NPR. One that only covers the news you deeply, personally care about. Like what’s happening in Syria. And on Twitter.

First, install the app. Fire it up. Then, choose your news categories and sync with your Facebook and Twitter. Soon, you’ll see a grid displaying these categories, along with a “Briefing” tile. Touch that tile, and a polite British gentleman (he sounds like Robot Michael Caine) will narrate a two-minute, Ken Burns–esque slideshow on the day’s news, drawing from such award-winning publications as Reuters, ESPN, NPR and... your Facebook feed.

Best time to use this: mornings. Wake up, let out a triumphant yawn and open the app. You’ll hear a pleasant British “Good morning.” You’ll hear a weather report. You’ll hear about last night’s buzzer-beater, and what your friend Dan thought about that buzzer-beater, and how the Cypriot bailout situation affects your bottom line.

Spoiler: it doesn’t.

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