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Getting Things Done, Now Rewarded

None You’ve got things to do. Some big (read: world domination), some smaller (put on pants). For the latter, you can now use Carrot, an app that grows more pleasant the more you get done, available now for iPhone. Here are the three ways you’ll want to use it.

For day-to-day stuff.
Laundry. Groceries. Date night with the mistress. For mundane tasks such as these, you can lean on Carrot to create a to-do list that establishes a new “level.” The more tasks you knock out, the quicker you complete a level and receive app upgrades.

For March Madness.
So maybe you’re throwing an NCAA viewing party at your place. Open up this app and list some tasks you need to get done (preparing nachos, buying a new flat-screen). Every time you check off a task, you’ll receive a compliment (“You are truly a god amongst men”). Be lazy, and you’ll hear about it (“You’ll die alone someday”).

For an upcoming vacation.
Let’s say you’re headed to St. Barts. Check off three tasks in a row within one level, and the app’s music will grow increasingly cheery. Plus, the more you accomplish, the happier the app’s HAL 9000–esque computer brain will appear.

Tip: don’t get on HAL’s bad side.

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