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Salsa Lessons

Decatur’s Tiny New Latin Street Food Hub

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Tacos: good.

Empanadas: good.

Eating salsa from a 350-pound bathtub: weird.

But still... good.

At least according to Calle Latina, a chipper and colorful little Latin street food spot with plenty of BLT tacos, chocolate plantain flautas and bathtub salsa bars (actually, there’s just... one of those), opening tomorrow in Decatur.

The idea here: get in and get out. Only... you won’t want to get out. It’s pretty inviting in there. All friendly looking and stuff. What with all the blaring Latin music and the crayon-box color scheme and paintings of cartoon cats all over the walls. Those are always nice.

And it’s not exactly roomy, so maybe just pop in on your own tomorrow. Head to the counter in the back and order some Cangreho Empanadas (crab, habanero pepper, cilantro...) and a Mexican Coke. At which point they’ll give you a number.

While you wait for it to be called, go ahead and grab some mango salsa from the 1920s cast-iron bathtub. Then feel a little awkward that you just did that and look for a spot at the counter.

If there isn’t one... no worries. Just leave. Everything on the menu is designed to be eaten with your hands.

You know, rising fork costs and all.

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