The Underdog

Miami's First Organic Tapas Bar

UrbanDaddy - Barbu As a certain little Indian movie that could proved last night, sometimes a candidate will magically rise to the top, despite the most formidable odds.

And you might say that's the case with our next nominee for Your Friday Night Dinner—Barbu, premiering this weekend in South Beach.

At a time when everybody seems to be opening huge, big-budget steakhouses and elaborate, period-themed nightclubs (note: we are by no means complaining), Barbu is Miami's first organic tapas bar, an understated little nook for you and your date to unwind under the radar with a bit of wine and some French/Caribbean bites. It's opened by the folks behind the much-loved A restaurant and located on a semi-industrial stretch of West Ave, and as you enter the space, it feels a bit like walking into a designer pal's stylish new loft (complete with requisite graffiti ceiling art). You'll want to make yourself at home too—settle in on the couch, soak up the eclectic soundtrack, share a few plates of grilled avocado and lamb merguez sausage…

Maybe even phone a friend.


1935 West Ave
(at 20th St) 
South Beach
Miami, FL 33139

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