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If we have a choice between Swede and not Swede, we're going Swede every time.
(We're talking bars, of course. What did you think we were referring to?)

So we're happy to report that White Slab Palace, a new Scandinavian bar, restaurant and all-around showstopper, opens Wednesday on the LES.
Dreamed up by the folks behind Good World, you can think of WSP as its more whimsical, somewhat rustic and totally versatile cousin—but with the same attractive crowd and a bit of the same food (like the Good World burger).
But don't drop by looking for Good World Deuce—they've ratcheted up the food (think Pork and Oyster Spring Rolls), the drinks (gin martinis with skewered sardines, four kinds of oyster shooters) and even the décor (a slab of raw marble, taxidermy and oversized barstools and light fixtures).
Unlike its somewhat shy cousin, WSP is plunked down on a bustling LES corner. Meaning you'll want to find your way to the windowed corner booth that looks out on the harried traffic and make use of WSP's many charms: beet Bloody Marys at brunchtime, aquavits at happy hour, wine on tap (nothing like a pint of pinot to get things cooking) and, of course, a sexy, candlelit Scandinavian crowd partying late into the night.
Luckily, you too are armed with many charms.


White Slab Palace
77 Delancey St
(at Allen)
Lower East Side
New York, NY 10002


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