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Drink From Your Golf Club

There are times when nothing beats a leisurely 18 holes—the serene landscape, the satisfaction of sending a ball screaming down the fairway on a tricky par five, the thrill that comes with removing a stroke from your scorecard.

But there are also times when you're acres from the clubhouse bar, the beer cart is nowhere to be seen and the course isn't the kind of place that looks kindly on an Igloo cooler full of PBR.

Solving this problem in an inspired fashion is the Drink Caddie, a handy addition to anyone's golf bag.

The head of the club is a real driver, but it only has a partial shaft (it clips on to the edge of your bag, so it doesn't count as an extra club). The club contains a battery-powered spigot, which connects to an insulated 1.6-liter cooler you can conceal conveniently in the large pocket of your bag—just press the button and pour your drink. The cooler keeps your beverage cold for several hours, so you'll have all the liquid courage you need to go after that nasty dog-leg on the 16th hole.

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