Sirocco the Casbah

A Lebanese Hotbed of Belly Dancers and Hookahs

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Is it hot in here...

Or is it just all these women belly dancing and breathing fire...

Warm up to Sirocco, a sexy Mediterranean lair composed primarily of kebabs, hookahs and flame-retardant performers, now open in the Seminole Paradise.

A Thousand and One Nights. That’s sort of the inspiration here. There’s the billowing white curtains and the orange-hued walls. The plumes of fragrant shisha smoke and the plates of grilled haloumi. The two-piece-wearing temptresses and the things on fire that they’re constantly eating...

So, right, textbook date spot. Try it out tonight. You’ll lead the way to a big coppery banquette in the corner, with wrought-iron lanterns hanging overhead. Then, you’ll do the whole wine-splitting/grilled-lamb-kebab-sharing thing. Yup, that old chestnut.

And as your meal winds down, you’ll signal your waiter that you’d like a water pipe brought to the table. He’ll do just that. Also, he’ll usher over an assortment of flavored tobaccos. Have your date pick—it’s the polite thing to do. Now: puff, pass, puff, pass and relax as you’re surrounded by a bunch of torso-baring women swallowing fire.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

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