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Cocktails and Hanger Steaks near Klyde Warren Park

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Hey, so that new park in Downtown is pretty great.

All those nearby food trucks don’t hurt either.

But on occasion, you want to eat somewhere a little different.

Like, say, somewhere with smoky cocktails and braised lamb.

Also: plates, chairs, tables and a roof.

Here to help: Lark on the Park, a cavernous new restaurant from the Meddlesome Moth guys that you’ll visit for dinner, drinks and shelter, just opened in Downtown alongside Klyde Warren Park.

Inside those big glass doors, you’ll find a long wooden bar and a dining room full of white tables and retro-green seats. Food-wise, you’re dealing with local/seasonal fare. Random-decor-piece-wise, you’re dealing with copious chalkboard art. Like growling bears and country clubs on water and other things you can’t draw.

So this place will come in handy if you work in Downtown, find being near parks pleasant or occasionally get hungry/thirsty. There’s a big bar. Twenty-one drafts, smoked Manhattans, mezcal-spiked margaritas. Good stuff. And behind that bar: an open kitchen that’s churning out seafood stew, hanger steak, housemade pasta and other things that sound nice for supper tonight.

Which reminds us... for now, this place is dinner only. But lunch service is coming soon. Expect to find a menu of burgers, salads and pastrami sandwiches.

Bet you can’t wait for that salad.


Lark on the Park
2015 Woodall Rodgers Fwy
Dallas, TX, 75201


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