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If there were a soundtrack to your dates, it would go something like this:

Glasses clinking here. A sweet nothing there. Some well-placed soft rock... everywhere.

And slurping. Definitely slurping.

At least since our noodle renaissance has given you endless steaming bowls of broth with a side of “tell me about yourself.”

Well, here’s another go-to. It’s called Beau Thai Mount Pleasant, and it’s now open as another arrow for your quiver of Asian-soup date options.

You may have hit up its sibling in Shaw. Well, this industrial-looking dining room in a former public library—exposed ducts, naked lightbulbs, wood-slat-paneled walls—is a lot bigger. And if you’ve got an epic night of get-to-know-you planned, this is a good first stop to fuel up.

You could content yourselves right at the long concrete bar, where they’ve got Thai-chili-infused vodka, four local beers on tap and all the curried empanadas and Thai sausage you care to share.

But if you can, wait for a table in the front window. Sit on reclaimed school chairs and order up crab fried rice, red curry and a new array of steaming noodle bowls, like duck or roast pork.

Beyond that, book the private room in the back for dinner parties, at least when they’re not using it for curry tastings.

Curry: now in flight form.

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