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A Portable Device That Makes Anything a Speaker

None Throughout the storied history of audio engineering, there’ve been several significant events.

Actually, by our count, three.

1877: Thomas Edison invents the phonograph.

1927: The first movie with spoken dialogue opens.

Today: Your desk learns how to sing.

Say hello to the future. It’s called the Bass Egg, and it’s a portable device that’s capable of turning just about anything you own into a speaker, available now.

There’s a really complicated explanation behind how this thing works, but... well, it’s really complicated. So here’s the simple version. Device goes onto a hard surface. Music wirelessly transmits to the device. Device sends a vibration through its base onto said hard surface. Hard surface sounds like it’s singing “Hotel California.”

So let’s say you’re planning a party for this weekend, when you get a text. It’s the band. “We broke up. Sorry. Deposit’s nonrefundable.” No problem. Just order one of these.

Once it arrives, you’ll hook it up to your phone or laptop. Then, you’ll fire up your party playlist, set this thing somewhere—wooden surfaces provide the best sound—and that’s it. You’ve got a speaker for the evening.

Chalk up another win for science.

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