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A Smoked-Meat Spot from the Yardbird Guys

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We’re about to tell you something important, and we need you to read it slowly.

Like, very slowly.

Seriously, if you could read it so slowly that it takes you until next Tuesday to finish, that would be great.

Because that’s when Yardbird’s anxiously awaited ode to smoked meats and brown liquor, Swine Southern Table & Bar, finally opens in Coral Gables.

Think of this as Yardbird’s younger, scrappier brother. More roughhousin’ Mississippi farmhand than genteel Southern belle. There’s 70-pound tractor parts nailed to walls made from reclaimed barn wood, a corrugated-tin roof, Edison bulbs and cherrywood stacked in tall bins at the entrance. It’s for smoking pork. Lots and lots of pork.

So between now and next week, round up the biggest group of burnt-end aficionados you can find (maybe start with your softball team or something). Come here when the doors first open and claim the 20-seat communal table by the kitchen. Now get to work on covering that table with things like fried cornbread, pulled pork and 14-hour-smoked brisket.

And... you’re full. You may have overdone it a little. No worries, just walk it off. There’s a bar up a flight of stairs back by the entrance. Try that. Then, when you get up there, try a few fingers of whiskey with some housemade ginger beer.

After that, maybe try a nap.


Swine Southern Table & Bar
2415 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL, 33134


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