Numbers Game

An App for Placing Anonymous Calls

None 867-5309.

That’s not your phone number.

It belongs to some lady named Jenny.

Perhaps you’d like to borrow it sometime to place a highly classified/salacious call, though...

Meet Hushed, an app that generates disposable phone numbers and maintains your anonymity for all matters of phone-related subterfuge, available now for Android and coming soon to the iPhone.

This is kind of like those burner phones employed in every spy movie ever. Except rather than getting a whole new phone, using it and then watching it self-destruct, you’re just downloading this app and buying temporary numbers. Ones you can use to place secure calls, send texts and receive voice mails of a sensitive nature.

So this could really come in handy when you’re selling an old toaster oven on Craigslist and don’t want to list your real phone number. Or when you’re discreetly coordinating tryst plans with that certain someone you shouldn’t be coordinating tryst plans with.

In either case, you’ll just pull up the app and request a fresh number. Prices start at around two bucks and vary based on country code and how long you plan to keep it active. So yes, if you’re looking to invest in one of those highly sought-after Luxembourg area codes, it’s going to cost you.

But, oh, is it worth it.

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