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New Chef. New Menu. New Private | Social.

None 6 Photos P|S
None 6 Photos P|S
Change can be scary.

Change can be good.

Sometimes, when you’re really fortunate, change can be a painting that you eat.

Let that sink in...

Then reintroduce yourself to P|S (the restaurant formerly known as Private | Social). Because that same spot you’ve frequented on McKinney Ave is now sporting a new name, a brand-new chef and a molecular/modernist menu where dinner might be something you paint.

Here are a few (say, three) things you should know before you dive back in.

1. You should really meet this chef. Her name’s Najat Kaanache, and she’s worked at El Bulli and trained in some of the world’s best kitchens (French Laundry, Per Se, Alinea). So it’s safe to say she knows a few things about food. Things like molecular gastronomy, artistic plating and other techniques that come in handy when you’re hungry in Uptown and don’t want a burger.

2. You can paint your food. Seriously. They’ll give you a palette full of sauces (think truffled pistachio and smoked peppery cauliflower), a brush and a phyllo dough canvas. It’s called the Edible Dalí. It’s all very cultured/potentially messy.

3. There’s fried chicken. It’s wrapped in cotton candy. Sure, why not. Then it’s skewered and placed over a smoking chicken stock and some dry ice.

You should see what they do with their salad.

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