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A Few DJ Nights Worth Knowing About

It’s hard to find good DJs in this town. Wait. What we meant was: it’s hard to find good DJs in this town who play... songs with human voices in them. Let alone the human voices of, say, Bob Dylan. Or Rick James. They exist, though. Promise. And here’s where to find them...

Night Train at the Sound Table

Night Train at the Sound Table

What you’ll hear: Nina Simone, Rick James and other sounds that make your head do that thing it does when you hear funk.
Who you’ll see: Girls with incredibly short bangs. You dancing with girls with incredibly short bangs.
What you’ll drink: The Firm Grip. Which is a shot and a beer. Which is great.

K-Pop and Hip-Hop at TakoBar

K-Pop and Hip-Hop at TakoBar

What you’ll hear: Well... Korean pop music. Hopefully not just that one guy.
Who you’ll see: A lot of overly excited people riding invisible horses. Presumably.
What you’ll drink: A Korean beer called Hite. When in the Asian version of Rome...

First and third Fridays, 10pm-3am, TakoBar, 818 Juniper St, 404-532-1944

Sound Check at Ammazza

Sound Check at Ammazza

What you’ll hear: ’70s. Maybe a little ’80s. More Elton John than you’re probably comfortable with.
Who you’ll see: Intellectual types in tinted glasses having semi-heated debates about whether or not all of Rubin’s cards were, in fact, marked in advance.
What you’ll drink: Basil vodka. It’s what the ’70s would do.

Thursdays, call for times, Ammazza, 591 Edgewood Ave SE, 404-228-1036

Nothing but Vinyl at the Spinning Pie

Nothing but Vinyl at the Spinning Pie

What you’ll hear: Oldies. A Tribe Called Quest. Marvin Gaye. As long as it doesn’t come from a laptop, anything goes.
Who you’ll see: Tattooed purists and graffiti artists with a thing for scratchy music.
What you’ll drink: Milk Stout Nitro for you. White sangria for your date. Assuming your date likes white sangria.

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