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Putting an Alarm on Anything You Own

None It happens all the time: you stumble upon a sheaf of classified documents at work. The good kind. About senators and hot tubs. And Putin.

You roll up said documents and call your buddy at The New York Times.

Then you leave them on the table at your coffee shop.

Okay, so that doesn’t happen all the time.

Still, it sucks to lose things.

Enter Linquet Mini, a handy little device that attaches to your valuables and alerts your iPhone anytime they get too far away from you, taking orders now for shipping in May.

Think of these as tiny Bat homing devices, about the size of a USB drive, but flatter. You attach them to the things you really want to keep tabs on—your keys, your wallet, your new can of Pringles—and then link them to your phone via Bluetooth and a free app.

Anytime one of them gets out of its prescribed range (up to 100 feet from your phone), it beeps. If you can’t retrieve it at the time, it uploads the location to the cloud, so you’ll know where you left it.

It also works in reverse. You can click the Linquet to find your phone, or even tell your phone to notify you when things come into range.

Note: if you’re losing your mind, this won’t help.

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