Box Office

An Adult Playhouse for Your Backyard

None Your happy place.

It’s a wondrous and mystical land filled with cartoon bluebirds, Twix-dispensing ponies and Sazerac trees.

And we’re happy to report that you’re about to go there.

Only it’s a box. And it doesn’t come with any of that stuff. And it’s in your backyard.


Meet your new Mini Pod, a fully customizable box that could soon be your new office, high-stakes-foosball dojo or whatever your imagination says it could be, taking custom orders now.

What you’ve got here is a human-sized container (it’s 13-by-12 feet) composed of cedar and steel. The floor’s made out of rubber. The sliding glass door is made out of sliding glass. And the interior is made out of... whatever you want. It’s empty, so what goes inside it is entirely up to you.

To get one for yourself, just contact these guys to start the process. They’ll go over your options, run through some specs and quote you a price. From start to finish, the whole thing usually takes about 12 weeks.

So say you need some private office space in your backyard. Sure, no problem. They’ll outfit the inside with a desk and shelves, plus electrical wiring for all your stuff. If you want a fortress of solitude, they’ll soundproof it. If you want a home bar, they’ll install a home bar.

We’re confident you see where this is going.

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