Haze of Our Lives

An Unnecessarily Handsome Weather App

None We’ve got a groundbreaking weather prediction.

Ready, here goes...

You’re about to download a really simple yet really attractive new weather app.

Wow, our accuracy can be scary sometimes.

Fulfill your element-related destiny with Haze, a new and surprisingly easy-on-the-eyes iPhone app for temperature tracking, precipitation predicting and... right. It’s a weather app. But it looks damn good. And it’s available now.

If you need to know the precise dew point this Friday, or whether or not it’s a good idea to construct an ark at 6pm next Tuesday... well, this won’t help you with that. But this will provide the critical, up-to-the-second, scientific weather data you need before leaving the house today (and the superfluous colors/design you don’t need but still kind of appreciate).

You’re dealing with three screens here. Nothing more. 1) Hours of sunshine remaining in the day, 2) current temperature and 3) percent chance of rain. Tap a number and more detailed info pops up. There you go. Weather. Updated by the second.

Oh, and those colors in the background that ripple like waves: they’re not just for show. If the background’s flowing upward, it means the weather’s trending hotter and rainier. If it’s flowing downward, expect colder temps and less sunlight.

We hear it’s what the groundhog uses.

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