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A Stronghold of Puerto Rican Delights Down South

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So, this little cold snap.

Kind of makes you long for some tropical heat.

Somewhere... farther south.

With exotic vistas. Some Latin rhythms. And home-cooked island fare.

You know, like Pinecrest...

Take a little trip to Jimmy’z Kitchen Pinecrest, a new southern outpost of the little Puerto Rican cookery, now soft-open.

You know Jimmy’z Wynwood. With their creole chicken. And their churrasco. And yes, those golden mountains of mofongo. Well, you’ll basically find the same things here. Except... south. Which may require driving. And taste testing. (Hey, anything for the sake of quality control.)

You’ll want to schedule this spot for your next on-the-clock lunch or weeknight churrasco session. Head straight for the counter in the back and peruse your options. A country beef stew chock-full of potatoes and rice. The roast-pork sandwich with Black Forest ham. Thick wedges of creamy flan. And a glass of malbec. Because... well, because.

Then, find a neon-colored seat next to the wall covered in photos from the island. Or better yet, grab a spot on the huge wraparound patio out front. Look on to the street, take a sip of wine, a bite of your fried pork...

It’s amazing what a little air can do for fried pork.


Jimmy’z Kitchen Pinecrest
9050 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL, 33156


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