Things to do for February 14, 2013

The Weekender

Grilled Cheese, Erotic Sketches and Beer

Ask not what your weekend can do for you—ask what you can do for your weekend.

UD - There Will Be Cheese

There Will Be Cheese

Here’s one way to do Valentine’s. Head to the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, where the Del Popolo truck will be parked, Pacific Brewing Lab will be serving pitchers and, of course, you can get sandwiches like AGCK’s chipotle cheddar mac and cheese grilled cheese. Think of it as a ménage à trois.

UD - A Woodsy New Den in the Castro

A Woodsy New Den in the Castro

Sometimes, nothing less than a showstopping stunner of a bar will do. Other times, you want a place like this: a low-key new neighborhood joint with framed orange antler chandeliers, sketches of clothed animals, and pot roast and pork chops on the menu. So showstopping in its own way.

Now open, Fable, 558 Castro St (between 18th and 19th), 415-590-2404

UD - Owning John Lennon’s Sketches

Owning John Lennon’s Sketches

What you have here is a book fair. You can pick up John Lennon’s erotic sketches, inspired by his honeymoon with Yoko. Or a Bob Dylan album autographed by Jimi Hendrix (why not). Or a first edition of The Federalist Papers from 1788. You know, book fair stuff.

UD - Sneaky’s BBQ Is Popping Up at Dear Mom

Sneaky’s BBQ Is Popping Up at Dear Mom

Seeing as you probably have Monday off and all, Sunday night would be a good time to have some bourbon, barbecue and, uh, Connect Four. You’ll find all that here. Specifically, the Date Night (fries topped with meat, beans and slaw), pulled-pork sandwiches and wings with “suffer sauce.” The name says it all.

UD - Beer Tuesdays, Now at Boxing Room

Beer Tuesdays, Now at Boxing Room

Every third Tuesday of the month, Boxing Room’s bringing you a four-course, beer-paired dinner. First up, Magnolia brews served with smoked-oyster stew and steak. This is what’s known in the business as starting strong.

Every third Tuesday of the month starting Feb 19, Boxing Room, 399 Grove St (at Gough), 415-430-6590

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