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Pork and Gin by the Beach. Life Isn’t Bad.

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Reasons to go on a quick road trip:

1. For the wind in your hair.
2. For pork belly and gin by the beach.
3. Because roads exist.

Fill up your tank (just a little is fine) for Circa, a new Manhattan Beach restaurant adding the scent of pork belly and charred octopus to the ocean breeze—the reservation lines turn on Thursday.

So yeah, this place may be a bit outside your usual dinner sphere, geographically. But the Palate Food + Wine chef oversaw the menu, the Rivera barman created the drinks, and the ink. sommelier is handling wine. For those three... you’ll travel.

Which means: you’ll make a reservation. Maybe get a room nearby. Grab a date and hit the road on a warm Saturday afternoon. Then you’ll step into an industrial cavern of tufted leather and mortared brick. Tables will disappear under massive spreads of crispy pork belly, whole Baja sea bass, steamed lamb dumplings and Phil Collins. (In this case, he’s made of gin or vodka, lemon and grapefruit.)

And then, hey, you’re steps from the beach. You could always embark on one of those lengthy after-dinner strolls.

Assuming you can find someone who likes such a thing.


903 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266


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