Chicken Nachos Sammy

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The Chicken Nachos Sandwich

None It’s been nearly 30 years since the Dolphins played in a Super Bowl.

That’s... pretty depressing.

Quick, let’s think about something else. Happy thoughts.

For example, here’s the greatest Super Bowl food ever invented.

Introducing the Chicken Nachos Sammy—it’s nachos, it’s fried chicken and it’s available only this Sunday at Pincho Factory.

Great timing, food gods/Chef Nedal. It’s the week of the Super Bowl and you decide to grace us with the mother of all game-day grub. The mashup to end all mashups. The zenith of celebratory bar snacking.

It all starts with some nacho chips. They’re crushed up into small pieces and combined with dried chipotle peppers. Then, the resulting chip/chipotle dust is used to bread a chicken cutlet... which gets fried... and placed on a soft brioche bun... Okay, now you’re ready for the toppings. In this case: pico de gallo, guacamole, chipotle salsa and jalapeño liquid cheese (it’s not technically a nacho without some liquid cheese).

If you’ve already got Super Bowl Sunday plans, great, grab a couple of these for takeout to bring to your party. Otherwise, eat there. Pincho Factory will have the game, the sandwich, wings from the Flying Saucer and plenty of cold beer.

Here’s hoping for overtime.


Chicken Nachos Sammy
available at Pincho Factory
9860 SW 40th St
Miami, FL, 33165

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