Hot Bread, Grilled Meats and Chalices

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Warm out there. Balmy, even. Why, you may even be tempted to get the grill out of hibernation.

But tomorrow: not so much. Better leave the grilling to the professionals for a little while longer. Especially since their fire is a lot bigger than yours.

Say hello to Tash, a new Turkish-Persian oasis on Capitol Hill where the chefs are putting fire to all sorts of noble uses, now soft-open.

As if to underscore the point, you’ll notice the bar is constructed out of stacked firewood, as are some of the walls. Stop right there while they get your table ready and get yourself a mojito topped with champagne.

About that table: this is the kind of place where sharing is paramount, so bring in a group large enough to claim the six-top booth right next to the open kitchen, surrounded in mirrors, stained walnut and Middle Eastern tile mosaics.

Start out with staples like baba ghanoush with hot bread from their brick oven, and maybe a couple rounds of cilantro-lime-marinated wings, served conveniently in a metal chalice (feel free to toast the room with chicken wings).

But the focal point here is the giant charcoal grill, and you’ll want to get acquainted with the meats coming off of it—spicy chopped lamb, tenderloin steak, dill-marinated shrimp.

Ask for a chalice to go.


524 8th St SE
(at E St SE)
Washington, DC, 20003


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