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The City’s First Cuban Gastropub

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Gastropub rule #1 is...

... you do not talk about gastropubs.

No, wait. That’s not it.

Rule #1 is: keep it simple.

Cured meats. Beer. Some foie. Oh, and an impeccably made cortadito.

Of course, that’s assuming you’re at a Cuban gastropub.

Oh wait, those don’t exist.

Until now.

Meet Bread + Butter, a friendly little neighborhood pub with a deep, deep love for Cuban fare, opening tonight in Coral Gables.

This isn’t your average gastropub. Sure, it’s got the typical giveaways: repurposed wood counters, hanging Edison bulbs, exposed ductwork. But then there’s the oversized black-and-white photos of the chef’s family from Cuba on the wall. And the parade of overstuffed Cuban sandwiches marching out the kitchen. (They use bao buns. Yes, it works.)

Go tonight. Or whenever you get the hankering for crispy pig skin. Take a seat on one of the tall steel stools toward the back and order a Tocobaga Red Ale. This would also be a great time to call for a plate of pulpeta meatballs (sort of like the Cuban version of meat loaf) and a tamale with smoked oxtail and egg. Actually, any time would be a great time to call for that.

Right now, it’s dinner-only. But soon you’ll be able to go earlier in the day for Cuban pastries and cortadito milkshakes that use liquid nitrogen.

Sadly, not available on tap.


Bread & Butter
2330 Salzedo St
(at Giralda Ave)
Miami, FL, 33134


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