Pressure Drop

An Ancient Weather-Telling Desk Toy

None Lovely weather lately.

Five o’clock sunsets. Subzero temperatures. Winter tornadoes.

Wait—that’s not lovely at all.

Or is it...

Let a ray of sunshine in for Tempo Drop, a handsome bit of desk candy in the form of some archaic weather-predicting technology, available now.

Yep, this is just your average teardrop-shaped snow globe endowed with powers of meteorological clairvoyance. (That old story.) Charles Darwin actually used something like this during scientific voyages—so in a way, you’re following in his footsteps here. Except instead of discovering evolution, you’re just procuring the most awe-inspiring desk object since the drinking bird.

Inside the orb is a mix of water, ethanol and something called camphor, which is apparently an embalming agent. (So maybe don’t drink it.) 

Now, while the “scientific community” doesn’t consider this a “reliable” means of “weather prediction,” we think you’ll find it plenty effective. You’ll put it on your desk. The skies will darken. An intricate network of ice-like crystals will form. And you’ll become a valued source of midday whimsy and pseudoscientific entertainment.

Kind of like a real weatherman.

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