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Sometimes you find yourself at a place that doesn’t have... whiskey, for instance. Or steaks. Or tableside burlesque dancers carving those steaks.

And that’s okay. It’s good to branch out.

Like this weekend, when you restore a little balance in your life. Balance in the form of quinoa.

Say hello to Origin Natural Food, a coffee shop and health food emporium that’s slinging espressos, kale salads and grass-fed/free-range everything, now soft-open on McKinney Ave.

Herewith, three ways to use it.

A lunch date with that sexy yoga instructor.
Yeah, yoga types are going to love this place. It’s one of those spots where the pesto-stuffed chicken is free-range, the pasta is zucchini, the menu is written on huge sheets of brown recyclable paper and the wood is reclaimed. But perhaps you already guessed that.

You’re in need of free wi-fi.
Go ahead, grab a seat at the wooden coffee bar or claim the biggest stainless-steel table for a group strategy session. The wi-fi is on the house, and the coffee’s... well, it’s not, but they make a damn fine almond milk latte.

You’ve just returned from a four-day bender in Austin.
So you need something restorative. Brussels sprouts. Anything heirloom. The spinach salad topped with salmon and grapefruit. And if that doesn’t work: a cup of caffeine from the bright-green La Marzocco espresso machine.

Or scotch from your flask.


Origin Natural Food
4438 McKinney Ave
(at Armstrong Ave)
Dallas, TX, 75205


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