Block This Way

Turning Your Place into a Living Thing

None They say your home is your castle.

And if that’s the case, you should already have a moat. And your own flag. And a bunch of archers hanging out on the roof. And some guy named Tybalt who just walks around juggling all day. Maybe a dragon. Definitely trapdoors.

But that’s not the case. It’s just a house. No way you need all that stuff.

These, on the other hand. These you need...

They’re called Ninja Blocks, and they’re wireless mini computers that let you control and monitor the hell out of your entire house with your iThings, whether you’re there or not, available for preorder now and shipping in March.

Essentially, you’re about to Frankenstein your home into a living, breathing, thinking thing.

A thing that texts you when someone rings the doorbell. Sends you a tweet when you left the iron on. Shoots you a picture of your garage when motion is detected. It’s all very Orwell meets McGruff the Crime Dog.

First, order a “block” and some sensors from the site. Then, download a few free apps, follow a few free instructions and put those sensors in strategic spots throughout your house. You’ll be able to adjust the thermostat, set door and window alarms, and turn lights on and off.

And yes, it’ll communicate with you through Foursquare and Twitter and whatnot.

But mostly Foursquare and Twitter.

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