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Oysters and Lobster Rolls in East Dallas

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Ah, the open sea.

The wind, the waves, the crisp salty air.

It’s all really liberating.

Unless you’re just out there for a lobster roll.

Then it’s kind of unnecessary.

Especially now that you’ve got 20 Feet Seafood Joint, Marc Cassel’s (Dragonfly, Green Room) long-awaited and nautically themed restaurant for shellfish and, yes, buttery lobster rolls, opening tomorrow on Peavy Road.

This tiny neighborhood spot is a treasure trove of maritime loot. The entrance is decked out with linked ropes and sailing flags. The walls are covered in old-timey fishing photos and a wooden navigation wheel. And the service counter’s got that classic rusted-ship-hull vibe (we’re pretty sure that’s a thing).

So it’s just the kind of place where you’d hunker down for an oyster po’boy or two after a long day of pillaging/conference calls. Find a bench seat along the left wall under those vintage lobster traps. Then order up a plate of mussels, a bowl of chowder and their two-handed lobster roll on housemade bread.

Oh, and a friendly heads-up: they don’t have a liquor license yet. But back off the ledge. They’re right next door to Goodfriend, which means you’re right next door to beer.

Now would be a good time to meet the neighbors.


20 Feet Seafood Joint
1160 Peavy Rd
(at Garland Rd)
Dallas, TX, 75218


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