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Frog Legs and Cornish Hen in a Former Auto Shop

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You’ve been here long enough to know you’d rather not watch the sausage being made.

Unless it’s actual sausage. With mussels and Cornish hen for good measure.

Like at Table, a breezy, out-of-the-way spot where the entire place is basically an open kitchen, opening Friday.

Yeah, so they’ve got the urban-farmhouse thing going on here. But this is more of a farmhouse on the North Seacardboard lanterns, herbs on the wall and a general sense of European tidiness.

They don’t take reservations, so if you don’t get a table right away, head up the block to A&D Bar until they buzz your cell. But trust us: you’d rather have your pick. Maybe at the long downstairs banquette, where you can sit on a sackcloth pillow and watch the chefs work. Maybe a six-top upstairs next to the meat slicer and all the hanging charcuterie.

But for date purposes, lay claim to either of the high-top tables built into the long kitchen counter. There, you can order a couple Belgian brews or a bottle of Burgundy and peruse the handwritten menu (also on an overhead projector) for pork belly with clams, stuffed squid with prosciutto and frog legs done pad thai–style.

On tap by spring: two outdoor dining spaces, and brunch or breakfast every day.

So basically your new office.

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