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The Best Bowl of Pasta in SoBe

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It’s okay to admit when you need a little help.

Don’t worry, we promise nobody will think any less of you.

Yes, even if the thing you’re asking for help with is finding a quality bowl of linguine in this town...

Meet Dolce Italian, an airy loft of red wine and red sauce from the pasta-making legends behind Scarpetta, opening next Friday in the Gale South Beach.

Scarpetta. In case you’re not familiar, they’re known for a few things in particular:

1) Made-to-order fresh mozzarella (this place has a station specifically for that).
2) Spaghetti al pomodoro (of the life-changing variety).
3) Being all sexy and stuff (think leather banquettes, wood-paneled walls and softly glowing orbs hanging from the ceiling).

By now, you probably have a pretty good idea about how you’re going to approach this. (Date. Night.) But allow us to elaborate... Start with a glass of wine by the bar on the first floor, followed by a bottle at the best table in the house (that would be the one next to the wood-burning pizza oven). Get the spaghetti. Just trust us. Get it. But also, maybe a Tartufata pie with bubbly cheese, speck and truffle oil (bets don’t get much safer).

Oh, and there’s a 20-seat private dining nook in the back. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Or have an irrational fear of eating pizza in public.

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