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A Supper Club in a Dark Alley

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Ready: lightning round.

We’ll throw some words at you and see what pops into your head.

Jesuits. Furniture. Coal. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Right, you’re thinking about dinner.

That’s a little weird, but we know where you should look: Blagden Alley Social Club, a new, occasional supper club just launched by the owners of GoodWood furniture shop, taking reservations now for January 20.

First, a word about your alley. This is the one where Rogue 24 resides, the one Mrs. Roosevelt called the most despicable alley in America.

It’s been cleaned up. But it’s still a little dark and disorienting. You’ll want to look for the “Huntress Coal Oil” sign and head in through the garage door below.

Inside, it’s like a particularly sophisticated episode of American Pickers. You’ll ask for a cocktail, then sit on the art deco couches or just absorb the boxing-themed mural, the vintage safe, the bowl of disembodied presidential heads (we’ll just let that hang there for a bit).

Then it’s on to the 14-person communal table for dinner. Your chef: he spends his week cooking for 12 Jesuit priests. Your menu: it changes, but expect shrimp and grits and root beer cake.

The conversation: well, that’s free-form, so get ready to regale the group with an entirely made-up story.

You and Pacino hanging out in Singapore. That should work.
Note: Blagden Alley Social Club, $75, taking reservations now for January 20, email here for more information and early access to future dates, see the slideshow


Blagden Alley Social Club
Blagden Alley
Washington, DC 20001


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