Watch Your Tone

A Color Wheel for Swiss Beer

None Today, let’s discuss a couple of urban myths.

The Inuit people have 50 words for snow: not true.

The Swiss people have 200 colors for beer: true.

Here with the proof: Beertone, a color chart for Swiss beers, available now for preorder.

This is the kind of flip-book that can get you out of all kinds of very specific jams.

First, say you’re all warm and cozy in a Swiss chalet, getting ready to knock back a nice cold mug of Löwenbräu. But wait. Something seems off. This isn’t Löwenbräu. You’re pretty sure it’s Rugenbräu. And you hate Rugenbräu. Everyone knows that. Now, simply consult your handy Beertone chart by holding it next to the glass before throwing any wild allegations.

Second, there are times when even a bearskin rug, a roaring fire and all the emmentaler fondue in the world are not enough. You’ll need some sweet talk. And casually comparing your date’s flaxen hair to a bottle of Sonnenbräu always works. You’re not sure why. It’s a pretty weird thing to say.

Finally, imagine you’re trying to paint your office the perfect shade of that dunkel you had during your last trip to Zurich. Your interior decorator doesn’t even know what dunkel is. You’ll throw this color chart at them in disgust.

That or just show it to them.

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