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A Lounge Dedicated to Cigars and Whiskey

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So about that victory cigar. Yes, the one that still sits in your jacket pocket, conspicuously unsmoked.

Don’t wait another year to smoke it. Don’t sacrifice it to the football gods on a makeshift pyre.

Nope, take it to Civil Cigar Lounge, a new redoubt of brown leather and brown liquor, opening on Monday.

This is precisely the kind of place where you’ll want to retreat for midwinter sports spectating—wingback club chairs, 120-plus whiskeys and the aroma of robustos and Churchills in the air (but not too much—they say their filters recycle the air every two minutes).

Depending on the size of your group, grab a plush red booth or book the glass-enclosed private room. If you want to start stacking chips and shuffling cards, they won’t stop you. If you want to start ordering up one of their five variations on the Manhattan, beers from their “reserve list” and small plates from Range next door (they share a kitchen), they definitely won’t stop you.

Which brings us to the tobacco. You’ll soon find a cigar sommelier of sorts, pushing around a cigar cart with 125 selections. But if you have a stash of pre-Castro coronas hanging around, secure one of their leather-paneled lockers.

That way, you’ll have a cigar at the ready for anyone who might walk in. Even Shanahan.

Well, make his an exploding cigar.


Civil Cigar Lounge
at Chevy Chase Pavilion
5335 Wisconsin Ave NW
(at Western Ave)
Washington, DC, 20015


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