Things to do for January 04, 2013

The Weekender

This Weekend, Pizza Beer for Everyone

Why buy a week when you can get the weekend for free.

UD - An Intimate Date in a Speakeasy...

An Intimate Date in a Speakeasy...

Your next date will require a few magic words and/or a telescope. Because we’ve arranged a wine-and-cheese tryst for you in the password-protected speakeasy Next Door Lounge, and dinner with cocktails at the Roof on Wilshire. Also, this is your last chance for membership at The Standard Downtown’s new ping-pong/social club, SPiN. Time’s ticking...

UD - Oysters and Donuts at littlefork

Oysters and Donuts at littlefork

The world can be a cruel place. Sometimes you have to go one place for oysters and some other place for donuts. Unless you go to littlefork, the forward-thinking new seafood-heavy Hollywood spot that serves both. Randy’s is always out of oysters.

Opens Jan 4, littlefork, 1600 Wilcox Ave, Hollywood, 323-465-3675

UD - A Garage That’s Really a Sports Bar

A Garage That’s Really a Sports Bar

Yes, this garage-themed sports bar from the South guys has more than a dozen flat-screens. But it also has a nicer, pubbier second room called the Motor Club—for when you want no view of the game whatsoever. Great for dates. Or halftime.

Now open, The Garage, 3387 Motor Ave, 310-559-3400

UD - A Half-Marathon After Dark

A Half-Marathon After Dark

If you haven’t gotten started on those resolutions yet, you should lace up and bang out a quick half-marathon on Saturday night—hey look, it’s the inaugural New Year’s Race—before you hit the bars. To be clear, you resolved to hit more bars.

UD - Pizza Beer Is Upon Us

Pizza Beer Is Upon Us

Getting east to check out Maximiliano might not be easy—you know, traffic—but consider they now have a keg of pizza beer. Yes, pizza beer. It’s made by Craftsman Brewing Company, it’s got oregano and thyme, and it’s only available here. Now if someone would just get started on beer pizza...

Now on tap at Maximiliano, 5930 York Blvd, Highland Park, 323-739-6125

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